Submitting Final Grades - Receiving OnQ Grades in PeopleSoft

  1. To access PeopleSoft, you must use a Queen's network. You have three options:
  2. Log into MyQueensU.
  3. Click PeopleSoft Student Admin.
    • You can find it under the Admin Applications and Teaching & Learning Applications categories.
    • Search for 'Student' (or similar) to reduce the number of options.
  4. Journey to the Load Grades to Roster page.
    • Click the compass icon in the top navigation area.
    • The NavBar should appear. If the menu options aren't shown, click Navigator.
    • Select Curriculum Management Grading Load Grades to Roster.
  5. Find and select the grade file uploaded from OnQ.
    • The Load Grades to Roster page will display the Add a New Value tab. Select Find an Existing Value.
    • There are three values you should input for the search. Click the magnfiying glass icon beside each of the following criteria:
      • Academic Institution, then select QUNIV from the pop-up dialog;
      • Academic Career, then select UGRD from the pop-up dialog; and
      • Term, then select the correct one from the pop-up dialog. (You'll need to scroll down.)
    • Click the Search button.
    • The results for your course(s) will appear under Search Results.
      • File names are of the format onQ_grades_SUBJECT_CODE_SECTION_TERM.csv. Find the file that matches your course and click on it.
      • If you sent the grades from OnQ to PeopleSoft more than once, the files are ordered via the Sequence column - the most recent file has the largest number.
  6. Load the grades into the course roster.
    • The file name should be the one you just selected - click Post.
    • The success message should appear. You're almost there!