Submitting Final Grades - Preparing Final Grades in OnQ

  1. Go to the Enter Grades page in OnQ.
    • Log into OnQ and go into your course space.
    • Select Assessments Grades.
    • Select Enter Grades.
  2. Populate the Final Adjusted Grade column with Final Calculated Grade values.
    • Scroll to the second-last column and select Final Calculated Grade Enter Grades.
      • Final Adjusted Grade Enter Grades takes you to the same page, so use whichever you prefer.
    • Select Final Grades Transfer All.
  3. Edit the Final Adjusted Grade values.
    • Make changes for specific students (e.g., different marking scheme due to academic consideration).
    • Round the Final Adjusted Grade values because PeopleSoft truncates/floors any decimal values it receives.
      • For example, sending 79.9 from OnQ will put 79 in PeopleSoft.
      • There is no automatic grade rounding, so this must be done manually.
    • Do not attempt to enter IN or similar; this will be done later in PeopleSoft.
    • Do Save your changes on each page before moving to the next.
      • The buttons are at the end of the page.