Strategic Plan


The Queen’s School of Computing (QSC) aims to be an international leader in promoting learning and discovery to address global challenges in computing and information technology.


To educate computer scientists of the highest caliber, and to discover and disseminate new findings from rigorous research that advances and improves the overall quality of life.

Strategic Objectives


Deliver exceptional discovery-based experiential learning to students to ensure that they are successful computer scientists and professionals with a well-balanced educational experience. Develop innovative strategies to educate our undergraduate students with limited faculty. Address opportunities in our graduate programs at the masters and doctoral levels to attract outstanding students, who will be trained to serve in industry, at research centres, in the public sector, and at the very best institutions as tenure track faculty.


Provide impactful solutions to societal challenges through emphasizing a balance of traditional and frontier areas in computer science.


Provide service to Queen’s, the Kingston community at large, and Canadians in general. Provide leadership and service to our technical societies for the benefit of the profession and computing education.

Strategic Plan

The Queen’s School of Computing (QSC) strategic plan centres on the following four goals.

  1. Become a global leader in research and training for Intelligent Systems.
  2. Establish world-class research, scholarship, innovation, and creative work.
  3. Offer an excellent graduate and undergraduate diversified education experience.
  4. Create an inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment for our trainees and employees.